Enriching & Impacting

the lives of women who are transforming
their communities around the world.

Enriching & Impacting

the lives of women who are transforming their communities around the world.

We believe that by empowering and mobilizing women, we can change the world.

We believe in thinking big. In admiration, respect, and care. In enjoying each other’s company, embracing and learning from challenges, and supporting and rejoicing in shared success.

TheSheLab is a community of practice and women’s network that is committed to female empowerment & equality. Participants come from different geographies and backgrounds, and are each other’s sounding boards, thought partners, and support system.

Who we are.

A community of practice

We are a respected community of independent thinkers with unique perspectives that embrace diversity and inclusivity.

A growth network

We provide opportunities for continuous learning and development and exposure to new ideas.

A way of celebrating each other

We recognize and showcase women who are making an impact – in small and large ways – in their communities around the world.


Speaker: Kelli Palmer

Topic: Sustain Ability

On April 4th, 2019 Kelli Palmer led an engaging session at TheSheLab Women’s Networking Breakfast that summarized life insights to help with our ability to sustain ourselves, strive in male-led spaces, and contribute to the greater good. A trailblazer in the finance world, Kelli Palmer pushes the envelope in corporate citizenship, systems management, and sustainability.

What we believe.


We believe that individuals are most effective at helping others if they are able to take care of themselves.


We believe in creating meaningful relationships between women built on trust, respect, authenticity, and vulnerability. We believe in creating a ‘safe and brave’ space where all participants can share openly, without judgment, and can be guaranteed confidentiality.


We believe in the pursuit of female empowerment and equality. We believe that diversity in beliefs, sectors, and geographies are a strength.

What we do.

We host monthly events and meet-ups that feature organized networking, inspirational talks, and actionable next steps. Subscribe to our mailing list and be the first to know about upcoming events, conferences, and opportunities.

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